NIAO National Institute of Animal Osteopathy

Welcome to our Web site NIAO

On our site, you will find all the information on our company and its activities: to understand better what we are doing and especially what we can make for you.

This site will allow you to know us better and to contact us at any time, since you would like to receive more information.

Welcome to our Web site NIAO - NIAO

NIAO in the lounge of the horse of Paris!

NIAO in the lounge of the horse of Paris! - NIAO

After Equita' Lyon, the NIAO makes an appointment with you in the lounge(show) of the horse of Paris Nord/Villepinte Nord/Villepinte from November 28th till December 06th, 2015.

It will be the opportunity(occasion) to meet the founder of the NIAO and President of the SFOAE, Manuel de Bastos Ribeiro, as well as his director(manager) the veterinary doctor Pascale Schoenberg. They will be available on their stand(pit) (Pole Training(Formation)) all the duration of the lounge(show), to welcome you.

Several pupils and graduates will also make the trip until you, to deliver you their own impressions(printings) of our training(formation) and on the school.

Do not hesitate to visit us!

Next date of day " open Doors " to appear

Next date of day " open Doors " to appear - NIAO

Thanks to all the people who have we to present with their presence, on Saturday, November 21st, 2015 and it in spite of a weather report execrable and sensitive to cold(report execrable and nervous), croissants and similar products, coffee(café) and hot tea were welcome.

The next date will be very quickly communicated with you

In the NIAO, the Open days get organized all around:

  • Of three sessions of two hours(o'clock), on REGISTRATION
  • Around a small meal,
  • you will be received by the teachers
  • A presentation of the school, the formation, then visit of premises(places).
  • Teachers and pupils, will be available to answer any question that you could settle about the NIAO

Register me on the next JPO