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A formation typifies great school

A formation typifies great school - NIAO

July 23rd, 2011 is appeared to the gazette the new prescription 2011-862 of July 22nd, 2011, which legalizes the practice of the animal osteopathy by non-veterinarians and allows the access of the holders of high school diploma, without age limit, our highly leading to a qualification education(teaching).

Based(Established) in 2008, the NIAO trains(forms) practitioners successful and responsible animal osteopaths.

The NIAO distinguishes itself by its innovative educational project, perpetually questioned to be always in the closest by the evolution of the new osteopathic methods, at the forefront(tip) of the search(research) and of its discoveries.

Institution of higher education was deprived, it presents a long training(formation), in five years after the High school diploma. He(it) is in keeping with the quality standards defined by the OMS (World Health Organization).

 Anxious to honor the concept of totality, the school promotes a diverse and total education, bearing a strong scientific osteopathic tradition.

It emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach, supported by the excellence of its faculty. The team members selected by the training manager, veterinarian Dr. Pascale Schoenberg, are from different countries and have a solid theoretical training, extensive practical field. They make the reputation of niao.

(A selection on record and a numerus clausus internal rigorously applied, allow the niao maintain a human scale and each of its students. The niao encourage them to study, to excel, to signify their talents and achieve their objectives.

The international openness, with aims to promote the mobility of students and strengthen the scientific basis of osteopathy by the development of research programs.

Historically, niao is the first French school to train post-Bachelor animal osteopaths over five years.

From its inception, the institution has adopted a precursor approach to training in animal osteopathy by being the first to deliver in France, after the Bachelor (or equivalent international title) a comprehensive curriculum in five years of initial training theory and practice.

It was also precursor by formatting its teaching to the standards set by human osteopathy in France and adapting it to the high quality standards set by the WHO (World Health Organization).

Niao was the first training center in animal osteopathy to seek the ministry of agriculture to the legality of the practice of osteopathy animal by trained practitioners, non-veterinarians.

It is the origin and effect of the establishment of the OAE Association (Osteopaths Animal Europeans) become therefore completely independent of niao.

The OAE and niao are the only entities responsible for the new ordinance 2011-862 of 22 July 2011.

The niao and IFOA have created the SFOAE who made the request of the RNCP, which is pending.

Students from the niao osteopaths are trained in scientific rigor, in five years of theory, practice and internships.

Among the many applications that niao receives each year for entry into first year, we retain forty. Selection is made by application and interview.

Once in training, the student follows a first integrated preparation year. This year can retain the top twenty students of the promotion, which will continue to cross-train (type +5).

Through his own clinic, the largest animal osteopathy in France, niao offers students a progressive professional situation, regular and recurring. Added to this are the external osteopathic consultations for the establishment, in equestrian structures school partners, private and associative.

The teaching staff consists of specialists, professors, experienced practitioners, renowned French and foreign speakers in their field.

The facilities of NIAO

The facilities of NIAO - NIAO

Niao in the figures is:

  1. 6 classrooms equipped (video projectors, light box, etc.) 
  2. 1 room of anatomy
  3. 1 room of osteopathy
  4. Integrated Clinic 30 boxes
  5. 1 riding school
  6. 1 riding career
  7. A total area of ​​over 8000m2.

 The niao is located in Bois-Guillaume, Bihorel, town located 10 minutes drive from the railway station of Rouen and the city center of the Norman city.
Rouen is at 1h15 from Paris by train, 1h30 from the capital by Highway 13, but 30 minutes from Boos Airport by car.
The niao is located in Bois-Guillaume, Bihorel, town located 10 minutes drive from the railway station of Rouen and the city center of the Norman city.
Rouen is at 1h15 from Paris by train, 1h30 from the capital by Highway 13, but 30 minutes from Boos Airport by car.
How to get to us by public transport
The town of Bois-Guillaume is served by two bus lines of traditional RAFT network:

  • Line 11, Isneauville (Petit Pont) in Amfreville-la-Mivoie (Grand Valley)
  • Line 40, of Mont-Saint-Aignan (La Varenne) in Rouen (Lawn Bowling) Lines and a "FAST" (fast) Rouen.
  • Line F1, Bois-Guillaume
  • Bihorel (Red Lands) in Grand-Quevilly (Zenith Expo Park)

    These lines are used to reach the city center of Rouen and neighboring towns to Bois-Guillaume.
    To come to niao, the nearest bus RAFT is 40, stop "Louis Bleriot."

    By car: GPS Lat: 49.484497 - lng: 1.105913

Accommodation in Bois-Guillaume / Rouen

Accommodation in Bois-Guillaume / Rouen - NIAO



The sails of freedom "Armada"




Accommodation in Bois-Guillaume:

As the greater part of adult higher education, we do not have boarding; Niao is the heart of a university town which will greatly facilitate your search for a rental. The choice depends on your needs and your financial capabilities.